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Women are an Integral Part

Victories was started by men for men, but women have always been integral to the work we do. Women are the partners, sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and colleagues of the men who do our weekends.

Couples Weekend

The Couples Connecting Weekend helps couples observe and practice specific skills and processes to help them connect more honestly and lovingly with each other. This weekend is open to couples of all sexual orientations in a committed relationship.

About Our Couples Weekend

Resources for Women

We believe that communities and families grow stronger when we all do the work to nurture our own personal growth. The Couples Weekend is the only Victories weekend program available for women, but we do recommend these weekends for women in our community.

Volunteer for Victories

Victories is a volunteer-led organization, and the Board of Directors and their established Committees keep the organization moving forward. Whatever your skills—marketing, fundraising, accounting, real estate, etc., we welcome your passion for our organization. Complete the volunteer survey to get engaged.

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