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Wisdom Years Weekend

Men Over 50: Live Your Life With Courage And Confidence

Reaching 50 is more than a milestone. For many men, it also signals an important transition, one that brings both new concerns and new opportunities. The Wisdom Years Weekend was created to help men over 50 live with courage and confidence.


What Happens on the Weekend?

On this weekend, men explore how to communicate deeply and honestly, to discuss the most important issues they face at this stage of their lives, to identify what may be blocking them from moving in the direction they really want to go, and to learn how to emerge into greater fulfillment and satisfaction. While the weekend can be very serious, activities also include music, song, and ample doses of good-natured humor. On this weekend, men come together in a spirit of respect, safety, confidentiality, and hope.

What Happens after the Weekend?

After the weekend, men can continue their journey together by joining a Personal Growth Group (PGG). The weekend helps a man envision the change he seeks; the PGG helps him make it real. Victories will facilitate the group for the first six months, and most groups continue meeting after the facilitation.

Be active and engaged in
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The Wisdom Years Weekend welcomes all men over the age of 50 regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Upcoming Wisdom Years Weekends


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Victories has helped me turn inward to ask the often overlooked question, what’s important to ME? Through Victories, I’ve learned that living my values gives me relevance – something all men deeply yearn for. Victories helped me attain it.

- Brian

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