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Personal Growth Groups

Stay Connected In A Group

After each BreakThrough and Wisdom Years Weekend, men can continue their journey together by joining a Personal Growth Group (PGG). A weekend helps a man envision the change he seeks; the PGG helps him make it real.

The Personal Growth Group offers a man:

  • A circle of friendship
  • A place to continue learning and self-discovery
  • Connection, support, and acceptance from the men of his weekend
  • Accountability and commitment
  • Safety – where a man can be vulnerable and authentic
  • Confidentiality is always respected
  • Stay connected to Victories

PGG meetings are facilitated by trained volunteers for six months, and most groups continue after the facilitation. Some Victories groups are still meeting five, ten, even thirty years after their weekend.

Victories offers ongoing support to all groups:

  • Providing guest facilitation for conflict assistance and other issues
  • Helping to facilitate group mergers
  • Finding new men for groups, and new groups for men

Can’t Commit to a Group?

Attend the Open Circle! This weekly, drop-in group for men welcomes any man to attend who is looking for support and/or who wants to experience a Victories group before attending a weekend. This group is open to both weekend alumni and new men.

Evanston Open Circle Oak Park Open Circle

After more than four years, our group continues to deepen and grow. It is a place where we can and do discuss the kinds things we once kept to ourselves – our thoughts and feelings about our relationships, our kids, our feelings, our hopes, and our fears. We’ve developed the kind of openness, honesty, and common language that is so rare but so necessary among men of our age.

- L.H., Wisdom Years Group Participant

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