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Couples FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Does Victories require men to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs? Does it have a religious component or affiliation?

Victories is a secular organization and has no religious component or affiliation. We welcome men of all religious, spiritual, and secular persuasions.

Who attends the Couples Weekend?

This weekend is attended by couples who are seeking an understanding of why relationships are so often frustrating and different from beginning expectations. They want skills for better communication and resolution of conflicts that arise in their everyday lives. Most of all, they want a loving and emotionally satisfying love relationship.

What happens at the Couples Weekend?

There are lectures that clarify why relationships go awry and what can be done to make them better. Relationship skills are demonstrated, and considerable time is provided for participant couples to practice these skills with the guidance of experienced and trained staff. Group discussion of common relationship issues and the answering of questions or concerns derived from workshop material is frequently provided.

What about confidentiality?

Every couple in attendance, and staff as well, are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not disclose the statements or experiences of other couples on the weekend. Participants are always free to discuss their ownfeelings, insights, experiences, etc. with whomever they choose. The leadership team is obligated to maintain confidentiality except in the case of an imminent threat of harm to self or others.

What is the difference between this workshop and Couples Therapy?

This weekend is not therapy. Couples therapy is an intense and individually focused method of treating the specific issues
within a particular relationship. The purpose of the Couples Weekend is to:

  1. educate couples about the evolving and most recent understanding of committed relationships;
  2. show couples how to communicate in a way that supports a loving relationship;
  3. provide supervised practice of new and effective relational skills;
  4. demonstrate through group interaction that they are not alone in their relationship frustrations; and
  5. offer support in their ongoing effort to master a new way to be in a loving relationship.
Will couples be asked to share personal feelings or issues with the group?

Couples are encouraged to volunteer for skill demonstrations. Doing so is beneficial to the couple who demonstrates, and it provides a better learning experience for the group, as well. However, it will be entirely up to each couple to volunteer or not. We take very seriously our own commitment to keeping the workshop experience safe and caring.

Is this weekend appropriate and suitable for same gender couples?

Absolutely. This weekend is a safe space for all couples to explore their relationships.

What will be the availability of support after the workshop?

A long-standing policy of Victories of the Heart prohibits staff therapists from accepting workshop participants as clients. However, there are other therapists qualified to carry forth the work started in the workshop. We will, at the end of the workshop, also be making some suggestions for group follow-up possibilities.

My partner and I are considering separation or divorce. Is this weekend appropriate for us?

This weekend is not designed for couples in crisis. This weekend is designed for couples looking to improve their communication and to expand their relationship.

Is financial assistance and/or payment plans available to attend the weekend?

Victories does not want financial obstacles to stand in the way of a couple who is ready and willing to do a weekend. We invite couples to ask for the assistance they need. Financial assistance and payment plans are available. Interested participants should contact the Victories Office for more details.

What is the weekend schedule?

We ask couples to arrive by 6:00 PM on Friday. Saturday’s program will go until approximately 10pm. Sunday will end at approximately 4pm.

Are accommodations and meals included?

Accommodation is not provided for the weekend, but we encourage couples to consider staying in a local hotel for the weekend. No dinner is provided Friday night. Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch are provided. Dietary needs can be accommodated if communicated to the Victories office in advance.

Are there any rules or expectations that I should know about?

We believe that the weekend experience is enhanced when couples take a break from the cares of the everyday world and focus on themselves

  • Upon arrival each day, couples are asked to put away their watches, cell phones, and other communicationdevices, unless there is an emergency or health concern.
  • To keep couples focused on themselves, we ask couples not to talk about their jobs, politics, religion, or sports, unless applicable to the couples work.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors, and alcohol and other intoxicants are prohibited on the weekend
  • For the emotional and physical safety of weekend staff and participants, all items that might be considered weapons (guns, pocket knives, etc.) are not permitted on the weekend premises

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