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Couples Weekend

Couples Connecting

This weekend helps couples observe and practice specific skills and processes to help them connect more honestly and lovingly with each other.


What Happens on the Weekend?

The Couples Weekend contains lecture, educational exercises, process demonstration, time for couples to practice skills on their own, and group discussion. Victories leaders and staff provide supervision and guidance during sessions.

Why do the Couples Weekend?

This weekend is attended by couples who are seeking an understanding of why relationships are so often frustrating and different from beginning expectations. They want skills for better communication and resolution of conflicts that arise in their everyday lives. Most of all, they want a loving and emotionally satisfying love relationship.

Connect with Your Partner

Prerequisite: This weekend is open to couples of all sexual orientations in a committed relationship.

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Upcoming Couples Weekends

Cost is $695 per couple.
Payment Plans and Financial Assistance are available to all.

The Couples Weekend is a wonderful way for any couple to learn tools for growth in their relationship.

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