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Breakthrough Weekend

Make changes to your life with the support of other men

During this powerful retreat led by experienced facilitators, men find a safe, supportive, and confidential place to explore the past and its impact on their present. They learn to identify and express their emotions, while building new connections with other men.

In the process, men will discover that they have the tools to succeed, that they are capable and worthy of having the life they want. After completing this weekend, men find greater compassion for themselves and others. With other men by their side, they can continue their journey with renewed confidence, trust, and optimism.



October 18 – 20, Delevan WI


December 6 – 8, Delevan WI


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Why do the Weekend?

Men attend this weekend for all different reasons. Some men want to change something in their life, but they don’t know where or how to start. Others have done previous personal growth experiences and want to try something new. Some men want to connect with other men in order to feel less isolated. Others want to learn how to better communicate with their loved ones. Each man comes with a different story.

What Happens on the Weekend?

The BreakThrough Weekend incorporates communication exercises, journaling, role-playing, and discussions. While this program can be serious, humor and laughter also play important roles throughout the weekend.

What Happens after the Weekend?

After the weekend, men can continue their journey together by joining a Personal Growth Group (PGG). The weekend helps a man envision the change he seeks; the PGG helps him make it real. Victories will facilitate the group for the first six months, and most groups continue meeting after the facilitation.

Feel connected, confident, engaged, and authentic

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A Weekend for All Men

The BreakThrough Weekend welcomes all men regardless of race, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. The minimum age is 21.

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Victories ron testimonials

I did not arrive at the BreakThrough Weekend with any specific intentions, but as I went through the processes, I became acutely aware of an important change I wanted to make. With the caring and non- judgmental support of all the men present, I also discovered my “block” and was able to move forward in a very profound and powerful way. This continues to positively impact all elements of my life to this day.

- Ron

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