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Victories understands the importance of strong relationships. While many of our participants are referred by their therapist, many men are referred by their partners, family members, or friends.

Before a man signs up for a weekend, he may want to learn more about Victories.

New to Victories

Share Your Experience

The best way to talk about the weekend is to talk about your experiences.

  • Why did you attend the weekend?
  • What were your hesitations and how did you overcome them?
  • How did the weekend make a difference in your life and in your relationships?
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Here are some helpful talking points about the benefits of a weekend:

  • Enhance connections with your loved ones
  • Build deep, meaningful friendships
  • Receive support and acceptance
  • Feel confident, engaged, and authentic
  • Learn with the support of other men
  • Experience the safety of vulnerability and confidentiality

Participant Support Meeting

We understand that there are many concerns for a man and how he will “change” on the weekend. While our primary concern is the participant, we also offer some assistance for their friends and family.

When a man attends the BreakThrough or Wisdom Years Weekend, a special meeting is held for significant others/spouses, close family, and friends. This meeting will give a man’s circle of support information about what to expect when he returns. The weekend participant is asked to share contact info of someone they would like to invite to this meeting.

Talk to your Loved Ones

Talking to a man about attending Victories can be a daunting task. He may be curious, or he may be resistant. Some men register right away, some take years to attend. We encourage you to talk to your loved one about the benefits of a weekend program with other men.


I was on the verge of losing my marriage and family before the weekend. The weekend opened my eyes (and heart) to healing the cause of my self-destroying shame.  The weekend was a new beginning for me showing my wife and family that I could be open and honest and be the man they always thought I was.

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