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What is Your Victories Story?

We ask you to tell us your Victories story. Share with us and our community how your involvement in Victories has impacted your life. What affects one person, affects us all. If you are willing to share your story, please contact us.

Talking about my feelings is not something I wanted to ever do in private, let alone with strangers. However, I allowed myself to open up for the first time in years, and I made myself vulnerable. I got to see a side of myself that had been dormant for over a decade. Besides the incredible impact this had on me personally, it was also fulfilling to be part of a group in which I could partake in helping others. The experience helped me resolve to live more fully and helped me to have more appreciation for what I have in my life. I’m grateful that I took the plunge.

- Anonymous

The Couples Weekend is a wonderful way for any couple to learn tools for growth in their relationship.

- Anonymous

For me, The Best Self Weekend was a gift to myself. I still chuckle when I think about how much FUN I had on that weekend, and what a joy it was to be supported by men who helped me not only to recognize and acknowledge, but actually enjoy, and share with the world, my ‘best self.’ Who knew I even had a ‘best self?’ Well, I do, and I am a better person, and the world is a better place, for knowing that.

- Mitchell

I didn’t want to look at myself because I was afraid of what I’d find. But the weekend helped me replace my fear with confidence and calm. It was a powerful and positive experience.

- S.R.
Victories bob testimonials

My BreakThrough Weekend and Personal Growth Group have helped me to explore my emotional goals, needs, feelings, and fears. They also help me to be in integrity and honesty in my relationships with my wife, children, and friends. I have improved my communication and listening skills. Victories has improved my life and relationships tremendously.

- Bob

The Wisdom Years Weekend gave me a whole new perspective. Instead of lamenting what I lost in the past, I found that I could learn from it. I left the weekend filled with hope and excitement about how I want to live the rest of my life.

- A.L.

This is a wonderful way for any couple to learn tools for growth in their relationship.

- Anonymous

Victories saved my life. I was able to find my heart and my true Self.

- Paul

The Best Self Weekend was a celebration of 20 years of my Victories work, a celebration, a gift to myself to say, ‘I have walked through the dark wood, emerged stronger on the other side, and paid it forward to many men.’ So often we concentrate on what is wrong with us, where we hurt someone or were hurt, where we continue to get bogged down – all very important. I think the Best Self is an opportunity to take time to celebrate what is truly right, and beautiful, and worth nurturing.

- Rob
Victories phil testimonials

Victories programs provide structure and context for growth and transformation. The weekends and Personal Growth Groups contribute to the psychological and spiritual evolution of men. It is a privilege to refer men to these programs.

- Phil
Victories fred testimonials

Until I participated in a Victories weekend I never knew what it felt like to be fully accepted-all my parts, good and not so good. I was accepted even when I couldn’t accept myself. All of me is welcome. It helped to set me free.

- Fred
Victories steve testimonials

My journey to enrich my life has been supported for the last three years by a group of amazing, thoughtful, and caring men. I will always be grateful to Victories for these meaningful connections formed while participating and serving others—it is among the most valuable work of my life.

- Steve
Victories joe testimonials

I thought I had a good childhood, a good marriage, and good friends. In reality I was lost, disconnected, and alone. Victories started me down the path of identifying the roots, and after much hard work and continued support, I have reconnected – to my family, my friends, my work, my community. I’m happy, fulfilled, and belong.

- Joe
Victories brian testimonials

Victories has helped me turn inward to ask the often overlooked question, what’s important to ME? Through Victories, I’ve learned that living my values gives me relevance – something all men deeply yearn for. Victories helped me attain it.

- Brian

It was a truly transformative experience.  It was thrilling, exhausting, and deep.  It almost seems to me as if something like this couldn’t exist in our world.  It feels so different than what the ‘average experience’ of a typical man in our society experiences.

- Anonymous

My experience with the Victories program has been nothing short of life changing. I have learned that change in life is a journey of self-exploration. Victories provides a safe environment for you to take that journey. I highly recommend Victories to anybody looking to take their relationships to another level, or to become more aware of who they are as men in our culture. Thank you very much for everything you do.

- Anonymous

After more than four years, our group continues to deepen and grow. It is a place where we can and do discuss the kinds things we once kept to ourselves – our thoughts and feelings about our relationships, our kids, our feelings, our hopes, and our fears. We’ve developed the kind of openness, honesty, and common language that is so rare but so necessary among men of our age.

- L.H., Wisdom Years Group Participant
Victories alan testimonials

On Victories weekends, men experience non-judgmental acceptance and a sense of belonging they may have never experienced before; it’s a transformative process that opens them up to themselves and others. They return with feelings of hope, optimism, and commitment that prime them for the continued work to come.

- Alan
Victories rich testimonials

Victories has been instrumental in my personal growth over the past five years. It’s helped me deepen my existing relationships, develop new, life-long friendships, and feel empowered to not only change careers and follow my heart, but also pursue my personal journey to strive to be my best, most authentic self.

- Rich

Participating in the Shadow Weekend was life-changing work for me because it allowed me to experience and come to terms with deeper, more complex parts of myself in a safe way. Since completing my Shadow Weekend, I feel like I am my own ally instead of my own enemy.

- Anonymous
Victories ron testimonials

I did not arrive at the BreakThrough Weekend with any specific intentions, but as I went through the processes, I became acutely aware of an important change I wanted to make. With the caring and non- judgmental support of all the men present, I also discovered my “block” and was able to move forward in a very profound and powerful way. This continues to positively impact all elements of my life to this day.

- Ron

Volunteering for Victories helps me help other men. Staffing offers me a sense of value and accomplishment. It offers me an outlet to help others in a way I never imagined possible, giving me an opportunity to give back.

- Anonymous

Victories to me is about connection – ongoing connection and relationship. My marriage is better than ever, and I have friends now, people I love and trust. My work in Victories has made this possible.

- Niles

The caring and compassion Victories offers is not self-serving, it is offered with the understanding of ‘One man’s work is every Man’s work.’ I need and want to continue doing my work, to be genuine to my family, to my PGG group, and very importantly, to myself.

- Anonymous

I was on the verge of losing my marriage and family before the weekend. The weekend opened my eyes (and heart) to healing the cause of my self-destroying shame.  The weekend was a new beginning for me showing my wife and family that I could be open and honest and be the man they always thought I was.

- Anonymous

On this weekend, all of the couples were able to open and honest in the wonderful environment the staff created for us. This weekend showed us some wonderful techniques to allow us to better communicate and ensure that my thoughts and feelings are heard. We were able to easily transition these wonderful practices into our everyday lives. It wasn’t any sort of quick fix, and it really showed us that if we put the work into it our relationship and communication could be unshakable.

- Anonymous
Victories chris testimonials

I came to Victories at a time in my life when I felt really ‘stuck.’ I didn’t know what to do, but I had to do something. The BreakThrough Weekend was just what I needed, and I am so grateful for the connections and tools I’ve learned through Victories since then.

- Chris

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