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For Professionals

Several years ago, we began asking our program participants how they had heard about Victories. What they told us confirmed something we had long believed: that the overwhelming majority had come to us through the referrals of counselors, therapists, and other practitioners of the healing arts. These professionals have told us that they consider our model clinically sound, that it can have a real and positive impact on their male clients, and that it frequently helps those clients make accelerated progress in individual, couples, and family treatment.

As a way to acknowledge referring professionals and to encourage dialogue about men’s issues, we have created this “professionals only” section of our website. Among its features are:

  • Information about our programs, including their clinical foundations, their processes, their safety, their leadership, and the measures we take to ensure effective training and ethical behavior.
  • Opportunities for professionals to be listed in our online directory of counselors, to register for high-quality low-cost continuing education, and to make a presentation as part of our Victories Forum series of workshops.
  • Publications, including our own program documentation and access to recent scholarly articles on men’s issues.

The Best Self Weekend was a celebration of 20 years of my Victories work, a celebration, a gift to myself to say, ‘I have walked through the dark wood, emerged stronger on the other side, and paid it forward to many men.’ So often we concentrate on what is wrong with us, where we hurt someone or were hurt, where we continue to get bogged down – all very important. I think the Best Self is an opportunity to take time to celebrate what is truly right, and beautiful, and worth nurturing.

- Rob