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PSYD_04/01/2023 – Heartwork Training

Neshama Yoga Studio 823 15th street, Wilmette, IL

Learn by doing. Re-experience a powerful aspect of the BreakThrough Weekend. Heartwork is a core component of the BreakThrough weekend. Participants will explore the theory behind Heartwork, learn how to facilitate by leading others in the process, and cultivate their...

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Round Table 04/08/2023 – Being a better Significant Other

Oakton Community College 1600 E Golf Rd, Des Plaines, IL

The sense of wholeness that we all seek as individuals takes place best within a loving and intentional relationship. Every significant relationship is in continual need for renewal. This workshop will provide a theoretical grounding on relationships and offer skills...

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Wisdom Years Weekend – WY-05/06/2023

Evanston Ecology Center 2024 McCormick Blvd, Evanston, IL

Reaching 50 is more than a milestone. For many men, it also signals an important transition, one that brings both new concerns and new opportunities. The Wisdom Years Weekend was created to help men over 50 live with courage and...

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BreakThrough Weekend – BT-06-09-2023

Camp Emmaus 3011 W Camp Rd, Oregon, IL

During this powerful retreat led by experienced facilitators, men find a safe, supportive, and confidential place to explore the past and its impact on their present. They learn to identify and express their emotions, while building new connections with other...

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Staff Training For BreakThrough Weekend

Lake Street Church 607 Lake St, Evanston, IL

Men often say that their initial BreakThrough Weekend was life-changing, but staffing a BreakThrough Weekend was even more transformative. Weekend staffers are in service to the men, who are just starting their BreakThrough journey. If you are interested in staffing...

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