What is the Shadow Weekend?

The Shadow Weekend is a weekend retreat program of Victories for Men. The Shadow Weekend is considered “the next step” in advancing a man’s personal growth after he has completed either the Breakthrough or Wisdom Years retreats or has attended other comparable intensive men’s programs.

By attending the Shadow Weekend, each man will strive to do something deeply challenging: to discover parts of himself that have been exiled into a place of inner unknowing. While unknown from our everyday awareness, Shadow Parts  of us persist and continue to unconsciously influence our behavior and interpersonal relationships. When these unknown parts come forward seeking expression and acknowledgment, we (and those we love) can feel bewildered, overpowered, confused and scared by what is happening in us, or what we find ourselves doing. We can judge it as sinister, or even evil. 

The discoveries made on the Shadow Weekend allow each man to have more conscious connection to parts inside of him that have been operating behind the scenes.  This new awareness and relationship to what was unknown will help the man become more whole, more integrated and more available to healthy interpersonal relationships.