What is the Shadow Weekend?

The Shadow Weekend is a weekend retreat programs of Victories of the Heart NFP. The Shadow Weekend is considered “the next step” in advancing a man’s personal growth after he has completed either the BreakThrough or Wisdom Years retreats or has attended other comparable intensive men’s programs.

During the weekend, each man discovers his own particular “shadow” and comes to acknowledge and accept it consciously. However, the most remarkable outcome of the Shadow Weekend is finding and embracing his “Gold” that lies deeply buried beneath his “Shadow.” This is the true “gift” of the Shadow Weekend: finding all one’s sterling qualities: his “Divine Child.”

The Shadow Weekend is conceptually based on the psychological work of Carl Jung: “the Persona and the Shadow.” These two “archetypes” represent the dual nature of the individual: one his public face (“Persona”) and the other his hidden face (“Shadow”). The third “archetype” that emerges once the “Shadow Archetype” is consciously embraced is the “Divine Child Archetype” found at the intersection between the “Persona” and the “Shadow.”