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Bob Mark • The History Of Victories

Victories NFP was founded in 1985 and thousands of men have attended our programs. Today we go back to the beginning with our special guest Bob Mark, who cofounded the organization all those years ago. We discuss the history of…

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Ron Rooth

Ron Rooth • Breakthrough Weekend

What is the Breakthrough Weekend? Today we’re speaking with weekend leader Ron Rooth about this introductory weekend for men, who should attend and what they can expect to experience. Learn more about Victories • https://victoriesformen.org Music generously provided by Niles…

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dr tracy cooper

Dr. Tracy Cooper • Highly Sensitive Men

What does it mean to be a Highly Sensitive Person? Today we’re speaking with author, professor, therapist, and documentary filmmaker Dr. Tracy Cooper about this temperament, how to identify if you are a highly sensitive (or highly sensation seeking) and…

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Dr Andrew Smiler

Dr. Andrew Smiler • What Is Healthy Masculinity?

What does it mean to express healthy masculinity in today’s culture? How does a man address his sexual needs? Today we’re speaking with masculinity and sexuality expert, Dr. Andrew Smiler about these very topics. Order Is Masculinity Toxic?: A Primer…

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kevin fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick • Understanding Your Shadow

What is your shadow, and how does it impact your life? On today’s episode we speak with therapist and co-creator of the Victories Shadow Weekend leader, Kevin Fitzpatrick. In our conversation we discuss how to identify one’s shadow and why…

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Dr Mark Driscoll

Dr. Mark Driscoll • How DBT Assists Men’s Work

Do you find it difficult to regulate anger, fear or sadness? D.B.T. (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) has become popular in recent years due to its focus on developing skills around emotional regulation. DBT is also effective in helping with mindfulness, distress…

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