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Wisdom Years

Who attends the Wisdom Years Weekend?

This weekend is attended by men who are at least 50 years old and from all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status. The ages of the men who attend typically range from the early 50’s into…

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Why do men attend this weekend?

Men attend this weekend for all different reasons. Some men attend this weekend because they want to explore and decide how they can live the second half of their adult lives with greater meaning. Others want to change something in…

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What is the weekend schedule?

We ask the men to arrive by 5:30 PM on Friday so that they can be checked into their rooms. The program begins at 6:30 PM shortly before dinner. Friday and Saturday’s formal activities end by midnight. Sunday’s program concludes…

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Are accommodations and meals included?

Accommodations are in shared (2 men per room) or private rooms, but private rooms cannot be guaranteed. Electricity is available for men who need to bring CPAP machines. Bedding and towels are provided. Dress is very casual. All meals and…

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Who staffs the weekend?

Each leadership team is composed of two senior leaders and six other staff. Everyone on the team has attended our weekend programs and received training in the group processes. Men are chosen for leadership based on their own personal growth,…

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Will I be pushed into sharing what I don’t want to?

We encourage all men to participate fully in the weekend, which includes sharing your own life experiences and emotions. Your participation in any of our processes is voluntary, and we will always respect your decision about participation without undue pressure…

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