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What is the Shadow Weekend?

The Shadow Weekend is a weekend retreat programs of Victories of the Heart NFP. The Shadow Weekend is considered “the next step” in advancing a man’s personal growth after he has completed either the BreakThrough or Wisdom Years retreats or…

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Who is eligible to attend the Shadow Weekend?

Any man who has graduated from either the BreakThrough Weekend or the Wisdom Years Weekend is eligible to attend. In addition, any man who has attended other comparable intensive men’s programs is eligible to attend, though a pre-screening conversation would…

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Why should I attend the Shadow Weekend?

By attending the Shadow Weekend, each man will discover the ongoing and “undiscovered” parts of himself. These parts persist and continue to unconsciously influence a man’s behavior and their interpersonal relationships. The discoveries made on the Shadow Weekend will allow…

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What is the symbol of the Shadow Weekend?

What is the symbol of the Shadow Weekend? The Mandorla (see drawing) is a very ancient symbol of two overlapping circles: one white (“The Persona”) and the other black (“The Shadow”). Where these two circles overlap is an almond shaped…

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Who is on Staff?

The Shadow weekend is co-facilitated by two senior leaders and staffed by 5-10 additional men. Everyone on the team has attended the Shadow Weekend and has returned to staff and contribute to this weekend program. The senior leaders have five…

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What about post-weekend follow up meetings?

After attending the Shadow Weekend, there is a post weekend Celebration to honor all the participants on the following Thursday after the weekend. After this Victories’ recognition the men take their “Shadow and Gold work” experience back to their own…

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