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Building Meaningful Connections

What happens after BMC?

At the conclusion of the facilitated portion of this program, men find greater compassion for them-selves and others. With other men by their side, they can continue their journey with renewed confidence, trust, and optimism. They may continue in the…

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Any rules or expectations I should know about?

We believe that the experience is enhanced when men take a break from the cares of the everyday world and focus on themselves. We ask men to put away mobile devices during our sessions To keep men focused on themselves,…

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What is the program schedule?

This program begins on the weekend of 2/5/21 where three sessions will be hosted. After that weekend, the group will meet every two weeks on Wednesdays for seven sessions (until 4/28/21).

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Who staffs this program?

Our leadership team is composed of three leaders, and tech support staff. Everyone on the team has attended our weekend programs and received training in the group processes. Men are chosen for leadership based on their own personal growth, integrity,…

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How will I know if I am ready to attend BMC?

Men are ready for this program when they decide to make an important change in their lives and/or desire to accelerate their personal growth. Men are ready for this program when they are open and willing to explore new ways…

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