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Who attends the BreakThrough Weekend?

This weekend is attended by men from all backgrounds regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status. The ages of the men who attend typically range from the late 20’s to the 70’s. The minimum age is 21.

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What happens at the BreakThrough Weekend?

All activities occur in the context of a group of approximately 22-28 men, consisting of about 18 participants and 10 staff. The weekend incorporates communication exercises, journaling, role-playing, and discussions.

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Will I be pushed into sharing what I don’t want to?

We encourage all men to participate fully in the weekend, which includes sharing your own life experiences and emotions. Your participation in any of our processes is voluntary, and we will always respect your decision about participation without undue pressure…

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Are accommodations and meals included?

The BreakThrough weekend is held at a camp in Illinois or Wisconsin. Sleeping and bathing accommodations are provided in heated cabins that accommodate 10 to 20 men each. There are no private rooms, and men are encouraged to bring ear…

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What happens after the weekend?

One way to continue the work of the weekend is to join the Personal Growth Group. Victories will provide trained facilitators for the first six months to help start the group.

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