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There are many ways for you to learn about Victories. Where you start is up to you.

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Open Circle: A Support Group for Men

This weekly, drop-in group welcomes any man to attend who is looking for support or who wants to experience a Victories group before attending a weekend. This group is open to both weekend alumni and new men.

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Weekend Celebrations

We invite everyone interested in our weekend programs to attend our Weekend Celebrations, which occur after each weekend. At these Celebrations, you hear from men about their experiences and meet the Weekend Leaders, staff, and others involved in the Victories community.

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Introduction to Victories

Attend an informational session about our weekends and ask questions of the weekend leaders and staff.

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Attend a Weekend

Weekends offer you a chance to take a step away from everyday life and devote time to yourself.

BreakThrough Weekend

This weekend helps men take a step towards overcoming the barriers that stand between the lives we lead and the lives we seek.

Wisdom Years Weekend

This weekend helps men over 50 begin to answer a challenging and profound question: How do I successfully live the rest of my life?

Build deep, meaningful friendships

We invite you to learn more about Victories and the opportunities for building stronger connections to yourself, your family, and other men.

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Victories to me is about connection – ongoing connection and relationship. My marriage is better than ever, and I have friends now, people I love and trust. My work in Victories has made this possible.

- Niles

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