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General FAQ’s

What about confidentiality?

All men attending the weekend — participants and staff — are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not disclose the statements or experiences of another man. The leadership team will maintain confidentiality except in the case of an imminent threat of harm to self or others.

Who attends Victories Weekends?

This weekend is attended by men from all backgrounds regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status. For the BreakThrough Weekend, the ages of the men who attend typically range from the late 20’s to the 70’s; the minimum age is 21. The Wisdom Years Weekend is offered to all men over 50.

Why do men attend weekends?

Men attend this weekend for all different reasons. Some men want to change something in their life, but they don’t know where or how to start. Others have done previous personal growth experiences and want to try something new. Some men want to connect with other men in order to feel less isolated. Others want to learn how to better communicate with their loved ones. Each man comes with a different story.

What are the advantages of participating in a Weekend?

Exploring important issues as part of a group deepens one’s experience and personal growth. Men are particularly susceptible to isolating themselves and embracing the belief that “I am the only one who is experiencing this.” This weekend provides the validation and healing that comes from the realization that one’s concerns and stories are shared and accepted by others. Helping and supporting other men is empowering, providing for personal growth.

How will I know if I am ready to attend this weekend?

Men are ready for this weekend when they decide to make an important change in their lives and/or desire to accelerate their personal growth.

Are the weekends safe for Gay and Trans men?

Yes. All men are welcome on this program.

Does Victories require men to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs? Does it have a religious component or affiliation?

Victories is a secular organization and has no religious component or affiliation. We welcome men of all religious, spiritual, and secular persuasions.

Is financial assistance and/or payment plans available to attend the weekend?

Victories does not want financial obstacles to stand in the way of a man who is ready and willing to do a weekend. We invite men to ask for the assistance they need. Financial assistance and payment plans are available. Interested participants should contact the Victories Office for more details.

Is this therapy?


I am in a 12 step program. Is this weekend right for me?

Victories does not offer professional psychological or psychiatric services or addiction counseling, nor are its programs specifically designed to address the issue of addiction. This weekend is not appropriate for men who are working to manage active addiction. However, men who are in a 12 step program and/or consistently working with a therapist or counselor will find the weekend to be an additional space of compassion and support.

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