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About Victories


Victories supports men through weekend and group programs that lead to deeper self-awareness, greater self-confidence, stronger relationships, and greater connection to themselves and community. Our weekends and peer support groups are designed by professionals, attended by licensed professionals, and based on widely accepted clinical principles that help men find peace and balance in their lives.


What is Victories?

Victories offers a safe and empowering place for men to discover more about themselves, to connect with other men, and to build the meaningful life they deserve. We welcome all men, wherever they are on their journey. We invite men to consider our weekend programs as a step on their path of personal growth.

Victories supports a healthy masculinity that is affirming and constructive. Through vulnerability, compassion, communication, and trust, we can make our families, our communities, our world, a happy, safe, and vibrant space so that each and every person can thrive.

For more than 30 years, Victories has helped men explore a more authentic, empathetic, satisfying, and optimistic understanding of what it means to be a man.

All Board Members and Weekend Leaders are bound by our Service Personnel Handbook and Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

A Brief History

Victories of the Heart was founded in 1985 by Bob Mark, Ph.D. and Buddy Portugal, LCSW with their first program, The Men’s Room. Over the next twenty years, that program evolved into the BreakThrough Weekend, and additional weekends, such as the Wisdom Years and the Shadow Weekend, were developed by Buddy, Bob, and Weekend Leaders. In 2003, Victories was incorporated in Illinois as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and is led by a Board of Directors and a committed community of volunteers. Victories now offers over ten different weekends a year, in addition to trainings, workshops, and events.


Victories fred testimonials

Until I participated in a Victories weekend I never knew what it felt like to be fully accepted-all my parts, good and not so good. I was accepted even when I couldn’t accept myself. All of me is welcome. It helped to set me free.

- Fred

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