Victories Social Gatherings

Victories Social Gatherings

The Victories community is rich in talent, passions, and experiences, and there are never enough opportunities to share them with each other. We hope to change this with Victories Social Gatherings, which we hope will foster meaningful experiences within the community while raising money for the organization.

2016 Social Gatherings
Hosts are needed for our 2016 Social Gatherings! Victories is looking for Alumni and their Significant Others and friends to host Social Gatherings and to share their talents, passions, and experiences with the community. These informal gatherings are meant to bring people together in small social spaces.

Past Social Gatherings have included the following:

  • Italian Dinner
  • Relationships: Dinner & Discussion
  • Storytelling Through Poetry: Dessert & Discussion
  • Greek Village Fare Dinner

Here are some examples of Gatherings:

  • You love anything related to England, especially royalty and High Tea. You offer to host people for an afternoon on the History of Tea, culminating in a homemade or catered High Tea fit for the Queen, including scones and cream, finger sandwiches, and finger desserts. You provide all food and tea, perhaps even mimosas!
  • You have a gorgeous house in the country. You offer to host people for one night with gourmet dinner and breakfast. You might give a tour of the gardens/house or offer some fun pleasant entertainment (or perhaps you have a pool, lake for fishing, or fire pit for relaxation). You provide all food and lodging.
  • You are a docent at a local museum. You offer to take people on a tour of the museum through your eyes and with insider information, perhaps even a little behind the scenes look at the museum! You provide entry fees and lunch or snack.
  • A love for Italian food runs in your family. You make a gourmet Italian meal from your family's secret recipes. Over dinner and drinks, everyone enjoys conversation about Italy and food, and new friends are made. You provide dinner, drinks, and maybe a secret recipe.
  • You love old films, especially Alfred Hitchcock. You host a dinner and movie night in your home, where the conversation centers around Hitchcock and his impact on film. After dinner, you screen one of your favorite Hitchcock movies, and discuss everyone's reactions to the film. You provide dinner, drinks, and popcorn!

Further information on how to host a Gathering, including more examples and Gathering Donation Forms, can be found here.

How to Register for a Gathering
Once new Social Gatherings are posted on this page, they are open for registration. The cost for each Social Gathering is $50 per person, unless otherwise indicated. You can register by making a donation to Victories here and designating the name of the Social Gathering in the comments field, or you may call the Victories Office at 312.604.5013. Once you register, your contact information will be forwarded to the Hosts, and they will contact you regarding the Social Gathering.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Victories Office at or 312.604.5013.

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