The programs sponsored by Victories include four distinct weekend experiences, our six-month personal growth groups, a series of half-day workshops, and trainings for our volunteers and graduates. As richly varied as they are, these programs all share the following themes:

Men and Growth. Our programs are designed for and facilitated by men. They focus on the concerns and aspirations that are common among men, helping to  broaden their concept of what it means to be a man. They foster the development of deep and honest friendships, which are so often missing in men’s lives, and they provide the opportunities for growth and health, which all men seek.

Positive Outcomes. We help men build stronger relationships, find a deeper sense of their own self-worth, navigate life transitions, and gain greater confidence about their ability to shape their lives. Our weekends are just the start of a new path, which men can take to achieve these outcomes.

Self-Exploration. Men come to us seeking change. Our programs offer men the opportunity to make more informed decisions about how they choose to live their lives. These weekend and group experiences promote greater self-awareness and are designed to help a man explore his inner world, understand the impact of his past on the present, access and express his emotions, improve communications, identify intentions for the future, and draw upon the strength that flows from the power of a group.

Safety, Support, and Trust. Our first priority is the physical and emotional safety of our participants. All of our weekends and groups begin with the promise of confidentiality and mutual respect. The leadership is experienced and well trained. Programs are conducted in a manner that gives each man a sense of trust in the process and a feeling of support from the group. All activities are strictly voluntary; no man is asked or pressured to exceed his physical or emotional limits. We require that each weekend have at least one facilitator certified in CPR and that there be a defibrillator on site.

Victories of the Heart, NFP is an Illinois not for profit corporation. Donations are exempt from income, gift, and estate taxes under Section 101 of the Internal Revenue Code. Victories does not offer professional services that would subject it to regulation or registration by any state or professional licensing body.

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