We know from experience that our weekend programs can help men take major steps towards changing their lives for the better. We also know that the first of those steps, deciding to attend the weekend, can present them with a difficult challenge. Behind that challenge there is often a feeling they may hesitate to express but, even so, one that holds them back: a feeling of fear.

And why not?  Fear is a normal and healthy response to the unknown, one they naturally and understandably bring with them when they come to a Victories weekend. The good news is that few still have it when they leave for home. What they find in its place are some very different emotions - feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and hope. It is a transformation they achieve by accessing their own inner reserves of strength and doing it in a place made safe by the promise of confidentiality, the guidance of men who once came to the same weekend with the same concerns, and the powerful support of new found friends.

If you react to the thought of a Victories weekend with a feeling of apprehension, you are not alone. All who arrive with you will feel it, too. But those who choose to meet the challenge of change will have the opportunity to join their fellow participants and the men who have preceded them in learning that the outcomes more than justify the effort. What they will discover between Friday night and Sunday afternoon is that the challenge of change is not something to fear. It is something to welcome.

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