“When I started on my Initial Weekend [now called the BreakThrough Weekend], I had just recently been divorced. Life wasn’t quite working the way it was supposed to be. I wasn’t terribly happy….I wouldn’t say I had huge major breakdowns. I could function in life just fine, but it was always that sense of is this all there is? Is this all there is to relationships in life? Knowing about myself? It was just kind of a very empty existence.

“ Things really started to change after stepping into that piece of heart work on Saturday - that was the moment, and from there, everything else is totally and completely different. It’s like this huge wave of information started rolling in, and I was actually starting to pay attention to it. It had always been there - I just really didn’t cue into it until I had my eyes opened and a light bulb kind of came on and I was able to recognize things.

“Sixteen strangers sitting in a room. We were all nervous and didn’t now what to expect, and I think that’s the only thing we had in common. But by the end of the weekend we’d all gone through very similar, very powerful experiences, and shared and really bonded in a way that - I don’t know how to describe it other than we developed connections in the course of two days that I hadn’t developed over the course of years outside the Victories experience. And that was the big difference.

“I just like the fact that now I can communicate all this stuff that’s been stuck in my head for decades. I just love the notion that I can go up to someone and give them a hug and feel comfortable with it. I love the fact that I have this bond with all the men that are in my group. I love more than anything just the way I communicate with everyone I meet in the world.”

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