Who attends the BreakThrough Weekend?

Why do men attend this weekend?

What happens at the BreakThrough Weekend?

What about confidentiality?

What is the difference between this weekend and psychotherapy?

Who is on staff?

How will I know if I am ready to attend this weekend?

Does Victories require men to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs? Will I be told what to do with my life?

Self disclosure and expressing feelings can be hard for me. Will I be pushed into doing something that I don’t want to do?

Is this weekend suitable for gay men?

Who started this program? Does it have a religious component or affiliation?

I am in a 12-step program. Is this weekend right for me?

Are there any rules or expectations that I should know about?

What is the weekend schedule?

What about the accommodations and other administrative details?

What about the post-weekend personal growth groups?

What is the principal difference between the BreakThrough and the Wisdom Years Weekends? Are they mutually exclusive?

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